17.04.13II All-Russian Liftworkers Congress

II All-RussianLifworkers  Congress 
On April 16-17, 2013, in Moscow at "Izmailovo" centre the III All-Russian Liftworkers Congress took place,
The III All-Russian Liftworkers Congress is not only a working meeting of coutry representatives of the leading lift enterprises, it is also a significant stage in the history of lelevator development in Russia.
During the Congress:
priority activities and strategic problems of  National Builders League for 2013 were defined;
features of implementation of technical regulations of the Customs union "Safety of elevators", which had came into force on February 15 were discussed;
counteraction mechanisms to abuses during the tendering and the conclusion of contracts for performance of "elevator's works" (a dumping, corruption factors, etc.) were discussed;
offers on replacement and modernization of the elevators which have fulfilled appointed service life were formulated;
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