In March, 1990 the group of young engineers - natives of the enterprises of military industrial complex, trust "Liftremmontazh" and "Lenzhilupravleniyå"  registered production and construction cooperative "Interservice Guarant". The LLC INTERSERVICE is this cooperative right receiver. The private company offered services in  load-lifting equipment maintenance and means of telautomatics to a number of city enterprises. At that time it was one of the first private companies working in municipal housing stock. The new cooperative specialized on elevators installation and maintenance and also means of a conference circuit. Moreover the company performed all-construction works. From the very beginning the company management placed the main emphasis on efficiency and high quality of offered services, these qualities helped to survive the young company in competitive fight against the state giants. In the first years of work in a portfolio of orders there were maintenance contracts for  about 85 elevators of such organizations, as hospital of Sverdlov, FSS hospital, Cardiology scientific research Institute, Academy of Sciences hospital, Television Scientific Research Institute, the City Pawnshop, Institute of Setchenov, the Satellite hotel, etc., and also some tens of successful installation works and elevators reconstruction on Baltiysk and Kirovsk plants, in "Baltaneksim bank", in SPA "Poligrafoformleniye", in Gornyi Institute of Plekhanov, at Radium Institute, in Scientific Research Institute of Otto, on Steel-rolling plant, at Marksist Skinnery, etc.

Collaboration with foreign contractors gave invaluable experience in business organization, and also allowed to earn the first currency means which were invested in an enterprise hardware. All the staff including workers, received means of communication: radio sets, pagers, mobiles, the personal car was assigned to each crew. The firm overalls were developed by the Fashion house . All managers, including the Top managers, periodically were trained on various profile courses and trainings. At the beginning of the 90th it was a novelty. With a good hardware the quality grew, raised salary allowed to invite the best workers and experts. In 1995 the cooperative is re-registered to the closed joint stock company "Interservice Guarant", with staff increased to 85 people. By this time there were more than 300 elevators on service and also the integrated supervisory consoles in Kirovskiy and  Vyborgskiy districts of St. Petersburg. Installation to hundred units of the lift equipment was annually made, moreover projects, examinations for various the organization . In 1995 the company signed the exclusive dealer contract with "The Uralskiy liftostroitelny zavod", having acquired the right to represent its production in St. Petersburg and on the North West of the Russian Federation.