Reconstruction and modernization Elevators and Escalators

25 years is the procedural term of elevators operation  and the same term for escalators is 20 years. For such a  long period of time there is a considerable elevators and escalators parts wear. Apart from this, requirements to the equipment (for example – it is required to increase capacity) can change.Timely modernization of elevators and escalators will allow to maintain them in good technical condition  and to save funds for overhaul.


         Additionally for service life extension of elevators and escalators operation over procedural term of work (25 and 20 years respectively) it is necessary to carry out their complex examination. For successful carrying out expertizes it is necessary to carry out elevator or escalator modernization previously. The INTERSERVICE company will check a condition of your equipment, define necessary amount of works and will carry out these works. Besides, the INTERSERVICE company will provide elevator or escalator presentation to Russian technical supervision inspector.